01 / 21 / 21 TRAIL REPORT

Finally looks like winter is coming , we received @ 8 inches of snow last Saturday , groomers went out from all local clubs panning trails. We will be out again tonight , I assume Pitston & Jackman will also be out. Please use caution woods trails are still showing hazards , rocks , stumps , water. Moosehead lake is NOT safe , please do not go on it , cold weather is coming lets give it more time to make ice. Road trails are in very good shape , but we are still in process of signing and marking hazards . rafle calendars are available so please pick some up at RGB, Moosehead Sled Repair , this is our winter fundraiser so please help if you can. Good news the Massey groomer is fixed so we have 3 machines to keep trails flat for you this year. Ride right and stay safe , remember many inexperienced riders will be out this year .