1 / 15 / 2018 TRAIL REPORT

Mother nature sure is messing with our trial system! We had hoped everyone would stay off the trails Friday and Saturday , not the case, we had someone with a side by side on tracks  break thru every waterhole from green bridge in town out thru RT 66. Now we need a lot of snow and warm weather again to smooth trails out ,  PLEASE be careful as these frozen rutted HAZARDS, are very dangerous. We will be grooming this week to try and smooth out these areas. Groomer issues never seem to go away , the Bully has had a few coolant leaks , Tucker has broken cleat on one of the tracks , Carey worked yesterday on Bully, Paul should be out Tuesday  grooming RT66 to Pittston and Jackman. I rode Pittston trail to NE Carey to Kokadjo trail to Kineo and was very happy to see how nice trails have held up . There is a little more snow in Pittston Farm but ALL trails were in excellent shape with a few water hazards . Hopefully Tuesday night into Wednesday gives us some snow to groom. Enjoy and be safe !