1 / 19 / 2018 TRAIL REPORT

We have groomed the system doing the best we can. Unfortunately only got a dusting of snow on Wednesday so not much to work with . Trails are in very good shape considering , please use caution trails are hard pack and icy, some areas are showing rocks and a  little dirt .If you go to our Facebook page one of our members has done a nice video of the trails . In town will be the worst of it , once your on the road trails it is very good . Please enjoy and do a snow dance . Don’t forget to support your sport , join a club , volunteer to help out with trails or signing . Get your Calendar Raffle , giving away 5 GRAND in February, get locally at Rockwood Bar & Grill or Moosehead Sled Rental & Repair or call us we will mail them to you 207-205-0413 /  205-0414. Thanks