1 / 20 /20

Finally we got about 8 inches of new snow Saturday night . I know in town trails are very rough, I groomed in town Friday afternoon and did the best we could. Carey started to groom Route 66 Friday afternoon and we had a fuel line problem, did not get it fixed till Saturday and snow coming , too many sleds to worry about to groom. Carey was plowing all day Sunday and could not get out to groom , he is training 2 new operators . Route 66 will be groomed tonight , Thursday ,Friday and Saturday. In town will be groomed again Tuesday, Thursday and thru the weekend. In town trails have a lot of water holes that we don’t want to break open with groomer,and many rocks , stumps that will break our drag, the road system is very good to excellent. The lake is marked to Kineo and The Birches, so this helps getting around some of the rough trails. I road from Rockwood to Parlin ( they have 3 times the snow we do) to Jackman, Pitston , Long pond ,Kokadjo and back to Rockwood, all road trails where excellent, all clubs are grooming, all woods trails where rough , some more than others. Please be patient with us , this coming weekend has more snow for Sunday. trails should be in very good shape by Wednesday. Please ride right and stay safe.