1 /23 /17 trail update

Wow, what a long weekend ! Started Tuesday when Trail Bully got it’s 100 hour check up and technician found algae in the fuel system. We had to get a new storage tank , new fuel , drain and flush tanks in both groomers. This got completed Sunday around noon. Then we had to go out on Brassua trail and mark waterholes,  Rt 66 and ITS 88 mark more waterholes and fill in with brush. Luckily we have dedicated people to take care of all this and then both groomers went out at 4 in the afternoon, as I write this I am still waiting for Trail Bully to get back. Also we groomed Long Pond trail on this side of pond , that added @ 3 hrs to the trip. So all of our trails have been groomed , fuel problem is handled, now we need this next storm to drop 6-10 inches of snow , no ice. Groomers will go out Thursday night to cover entire trail system before the weekend . Thank you for your patience with trails this weekend and water hazards, any time you see a hazard please contact us ASAP so we can get the problem fixed. Trail hub should be up and running this week , I just sent GPS map to them this morning, our new paper maps should be here this weekend so please ask when at local businesses . See you on the trails !