1 / 27 / 21 TRAIL REPORT

Our hearts go out to the families that have lost a loved one already this year . Please be careful , trails have many dangers just under the low snow conditions that can cause sleds to veer off the trail. we will not be staking the lake this weekend, I know people are crossing from Kineo docks to Kineo which has 8-10 inches of ice, but if we stake that section some will think the whole lake is safe and it is not . Please do not take lake to Birches ,last weekend only 2 inches of ice out there. our groomers have been out as have Birches , woods trails are still very skimpy on snow cover so please ride accordingly. Road system is very good everywhere. Please do not ride on plowed roads and STAY OUT of logging areas, these workers are in big equipment and don’t need to be looking for sleds sneaking by them. Clear cuts are also not open to boon docking ,you have no idea what damage you are doing to saplings, this will cause our sport trouble if it continues. Wardens are paying close attention to active logging areas and will be writing tickets if you are on plowed roads . Please be safe and enjoy , ride right and in control.