1 / 29 /2018 TRAIL REPORT

Wow what a great weekend for riding! Rockwood was full of sleders and ice fisherman. The groomers are going out tonight on route 66 and in town . I was surprised how well our trails held up this weekend with all the traffic. Rt 66 from Kokadjo to Kineo was groomed Saturday night, Parlin went out Saturday as did Jackman. Looks like some cold temps and maybe as little snow through the week. Rockwood is the heart of sledding in the Moosehead area, we have multiple loops from short to all day long , leave on one trail and return to town on a different trail. Have a nice dinner at Rockwood bar & Grill or the Birches, both have excellent food , drinks and friendly servers. Rockwood has plenty of lodging available , check our web site for the businesses that support your sport .Enjoy!