1 / 4 / 2021

Hello everyone , I hope you are happy & healthy after this very difficult year. I don’t have a lot of news as of yet . We did get a total of 10-12 inches of snow from Wednesday to Saturday. We still need feet of snow to have good riding, we are planning on running groomers out later this week and also try our new roller . As of now trails are not open , you may be able to find some road systems to ride but you will have to trailer to them . If you do please stay off any plowed roads , stay away from any logging operations and stay off clear cuts. PLEAESE  stay out of cuttings , there could be new seedlings that will be damaged, the paper companies are really paying attention to this and more land will be closed . Signing is just beginning so be carful of rocks and stumps, they can damage your new sled . We are still looking for a couple groomer operators , if you are interested call me 207-205-0414 . Lets all do a snow dance , ride right and stay safe!