1 / 9 /17

We have groomed our entire system today. Trails are in excellent shape, we will be grooming again before the weekend. Hopefully trail to Mt Kineo will be marked, we are checking ice tomorrow. We are also checking ice on Brassua Lake, we only mark a trail to get you away from the dam so please know the lake or ride with someone that does because all parts of the lake are not safe! Area trails are also in great shape, not sure what is going on for a trail between Kokadjo and NE Carey at this time, a lot of logging is happening so I will relay info as I get it. Please come up and enjoy our trails, DO NOT go on any lakes or ponds that are not marked. DO NOT go to Birches by the lake, ice just froze this past week and it is not safe, wait till they mark it . Have a great day!