11 / 7 / 17 TRAIL UPDATE

We had a GREAT bunch of helpers this past weekend , 11 of us covered our 35 miles of trail clearing all the blow downs from the big storm. What a relief that is , we still have some areas that need brushing and signing . The 12 mile bog road is closed this season for logging so PLEASE stay off it. Our trail will change on the South Branch road at our kiosk, we will continue right at kiosk to Demo road , ride edge of Demo across bridge and take a left back on to South Branch road , this is our new burn down alley, continue to our kiosk , at this point straight to Jackman or Pittston systems, or left on Route 66 & ITS 88 to Parlin Pond , Rockwood , Greenville, this is about 3 miles longer but all roads so trails will be very nice . Please look for our signage entering and leaving Blue Ridge Riders trail system, I know it is confusing but we don’t groom and maintain all the trails in Rockwood, the Birches grooms over the mountain trail ITS 88 to Parlin intersection and ITS 86 to Greenville & Forks intersection. If interested in helping with trail work please call me 205-0414 , a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. Think cold & snow !  Thanks Mark