2 / 2 / 21 TRAIL REPORT

Finally snow ! About 8 inches of beautiful new snow fell yesterday. Groomers will be out paving the trails tonight and thru the weekend . This should help the woods trails considerably, roads should now have enough base to stop hearing the occasional rock hitting the skis .This weekend will be very busy so PLEASE ride carefully, this year a lot of newbies will be out , Expect the unexpected over every hill & around every corner. We want you to have a great time in Moosehead area and get back to camp safe . Calendar raffle has started for the month of February, each ticket is $10.00 and gets you 28 chances to win every day. The Massey is parked at Demo yard , great to see that grooming again, it really paves a great trail. when you see our operators please give them plenty of room, groomers have the right of way. A big thank you to Carey, Nelson, Randy & Brent for all the work this summer on the Massey. Enjoy the trails and be safe .