2 / 26 17 TRAIL REPORT

Can’t believe this weather. We tried to go out with groomer this afternoon and water holes are everywhere, I think we will cause more harm than good at this time, so we will try again tomorrow and see if the water drains off some. The last thing we want to do is break thru the wet spots and make them impassable for sleds. Paul is grooming in town tonight. They are logging on Brassua trail so please be careful ,also many water holes opening up on this trail. Also a note on ITS 88 on the back side of Blue Ridge is plowed to dirt for 8 miles to connect to Parlin Pond system. This is not our trail, the Birches grooms this trail, a logging operation is the cause. Please use caution as trail conditions can change hourly. We are doing our best to get trails flat again as are all the other area clubs, have faith and thank you for your support.