February 1st  150.00 Mike Miller PA.

February 2nd. 100.00  Micayla Hussey  Bangor,Me.

February 3rd 100.00. Jon Fortier  Winslow, Me.

February 4th  200.00 Richard Kneeland Windham, Me

February 5th  100.00 Nelson Berry  Rockwood, Me

February 6th 150.00  Elaine Hartsock  North Carolina.

February 7th 100.00  Dee Hobart  West Forks,Me.

February 8th  100.00 Lewis Estes  St.Albans,Me.

February  9th 200.00  Ed Pennell Springvale, Me.

February  10th  200.00 Lee Ann Lyons  Davers, Ma.

February  11th. 100.00 Mike Roy. Greenville, Me.

February 12th 100.00. Cathy Blake. Amesbury,Ma.

February 13th  200.00  Amanda Vickery  Manchester, NH.

February 14th 100.00  Butch Pinkham  Bath, Me.

February  15th  150.00 Doug Smith  Hermon, Me.

February 16th  100.00 Linda McDermott  Wells, Me

February  17th  100.00 Paul Percoski Greenville, Me

February 18th 200.00  Matt Bodine China, Me.

February  19th 100.00  Hess Pettegrow South West Harbor, Me.

February 20th  150.00  Debi Libby  Springvale, Me

February  21st  100.00 Britt & Barb Gardner  Raymond, Me.

February  22nd  100.00  Vicki Ann Clark  Rockwood, Me.

February  23rd  500.00  Jeff Dutil    Biddeford, Me.

February  24th  200.00 Pete Whitin  Rockwood, Me

February  25th  100.00  Lee Ann Lyons Danvers,Mass.

February 26th  100.00 Laura Blair  Rockwood, Me.

February  27th  200.00  Herb Freeman. Bath,Me

February 28th. 1000.00  congratulations to Dana Robinson  Hudson, NH


Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you all for buying or selling calendars for us. It was a Hugh success.