3 / 13 / 2018 TRAIL REPORT

Well winter is finally here! Sorry for the lack of reports I had the good fortune of going to the Gaspe last week. All eight of us had a great time and no sled issues. Now back to Rockwood , groomers were out in full force thru the weekend trying to keep trails flat. More good news , Chesuncook is going to groom RT 66 to Kineo the rest of this season to complete the loop .This is a huge help to Rockwood and surrounding clubs. Today looks like another nor’easter, I love it, it will take 2 -3 groomings to get all the air out so be patient . Plan is to groom Wednesday night and then thru the weekend. Please watch for grooming equipment as we may be out during the day. Thanks goes out to Carey ,Jersey Paul , Paul Blair and Nelson for getting new track on tucker Monday, we could not do all we do without the help ( all volunteer)  of these great guys. It takes a lot of people in all these clubs to give YOU these great trails to ride ,so please support your sport, join a club , throw your change in trail jar, or just donate to your favorite clubs. See you on the trails , ride right , ride safe !