3 / 5 /17 TRAIL REPORT

Sorry for the late trail post but Dottie and I both came down with a flu bug . The groomers were out Saturday and Sunday covering the entire system. Water holes are a problem in woods trails and some in town spots so please use caution. Trails are in excellent shape as of today, thanks goes out to the groomer operators for their efforts. I know the Birches has been out trying to groom also but the trail to Greenville has 3 new plowed roads putting a damper on their efforts. I know it seems early to be writing a report like this but between the land owners doing their business and mother nature throwing this warm weather at us it sure has been a tough couple of weeks. We definitely have some good riding left, trials to Pittston are good and over toward Jackman. Off trail riding is very good , just know where you are going so you don’t get lost . Lets hope for a couple small storms and we will be right back in the game .