Club History


Our trails are well-groomed.

The Blue Ridge Rider’s was formed in 1975. In 1981, the club became incorporated. With only a few members, the club started a trail in which riders could get from township to township. During this time the trail was mostly used for pleasure. It was cut and cleared by the members of the club. One of the club’s goals was to create a trail in which riders didn’t have to use the lake to get from one place to another. With much determination the goal was accomplished. Soon word was out the the Moosehead Lake area had a snowmobile trail, which not only gave them access around the lake, it also gave them access to the major ITS trails.

In 1994, this area was no longer a ghost town during the winter months. The club realized that the trail could be very beneficial to the small businesses in the area.The club also realized that if they didn’t come up with goals and continue to have well maintained trails, snowmobilers would go to Canada for their sport. So the club took on the role of helping and supporting the businesses in the area. A Polaris Wide Track sled was purchased to assist in the grooming of the expanded trails. The club built drags for the sled to make the trail safer by widening them. Slowly, businesses started to open. Again, the trails needed to be well maintained for the many people wanting to use them.

The trails continued to get wider and safer. Land owners, both private residents and paper companies, agreed to let the trails go through their land, bridges were built across rivers, and Somerset County started to help fund the grooming effort. More and more people come to the area for snowmobiling and most importantly, small and emerging businesses started to truly benefit.

The Heart of Moosehead Lake

Snowmobiling on beautiful Moosehead Lake. What could be better?

Snowmobiling on beautiful Moosehead Lake. What could be better?

Rockwood is a great home base for your snowmobile adventure. The hub and heart of the Moosehead Lake Region, Rockwood is centrally located, and offers many options for day trips. There are at least five ways in and out of town, something that many other locations cannot provide.

Sledders can head North on ITS 88 toward Jackman or South on ITS 88 toward Greenville. A quick trip across Moosehead brings you to Rt 66 toward Kokadjo. Rt 66 west loops toward Jackman and Pittston Farm.
Club trails connect with major trails to make for a complete system of trails for your enjoyment.

Most Scenic Trail

Moosehead Trail, Route 66

Moosehead Trail, Route 66

Moosehead Trail, Route 66 as you descend the Blue Ridge towards Moose River provides beautiful views of Moosehead Lake, Mt Kineo and the surrounding mountains. Heading towards ITS 88, there are some great views of Brassua Lake and other area mountains.

Burn Down Alley on Route 66 is a must see…7 miles of flat, wide open trails, meeting up with the Jackman Trail System, via ITS 88.