TRAIL REPORT 2 / 12 / 19

Looks like 12-14 inches of snow is coming tonight & tomorrow. We are trying to get the groomers out early tomorrow morning to pack the snow but some of our operators have day jobs so that makes it difficult some times. We plan on being out Thursday, Friday and Saturday to keep RT 66 flat and smooth. In town is in good shape and this snow will just make it better. Please ride safe and slow down in busy areas, we are having way to many accidents this year. Please use some common sense, stop at ALL crossings , and intersections , look before entering any trail , know what is behind you before making any sudden maneuvers. Remember it is someone’s wife & kids out there , we want you to have a great ride and come back safe! Remember support the businesses that support YOUR sport. Join our club , we need your support. Enjoy!