TRAIL REPORT 2 / 2 / 2018

Looks like a little snow over the next few days , we really need it . Groomers have been out this week and will be out Friday and Saturday nights again. Trails are in very good shape, corners are a little icy so please be careful. Lets all do a snow dance for Wednesday storm , hopefully it dumps a ton of snow on us. If traveling to Greenville via lake watch out for pressure ridges, there is a big one between Rockwood and Greenville, I have not heard of any going to Northeast Carey as of yet but be cautious. A big thank you to Carey Ayers for keeping the groomers going , and the groomer guys for doing a great job . Don’t forget to support your sport , donation jars are at local businesses or you can send a check to Dottie. Thank you and enjoy !