TRAIL REPORT 3 / 7 / 19

Grooming continues in Rockwood , trails are in excellent shape. Groomers will be out Friday & Saturday nights making smooth trails for you to enjoy. Please ride right and safe. We need to use our mirrors and be aware of who and what is around us while riding. Some people stop on corners , over hills  and step off machines right in the way of on coming traffic. Many accidents could have been prevented this year with some commonsense and paying attention to where you are stopping ,turning , or changing a belt. Everyone in your group does not need to be in the trail while you look at your sled. Look before you pull out into the trail or are changing directions, sleds traveling at 50-60 mph come up on you very quickly, and cant stop or turn on a dime. A little thought can save you a lot of headaches and missed time from work . Please enjoy the trails and join our club. If you don’t belong to a club you have no right to complain about how trails conditions are, join and help with trail work , planning club fundraisers, be a positive not a negative Nellie. Thanks for looking , Enjoy !