TRAIL UPDATE 11 / 18 / 19

Things are looking good for Rockwood trails. We will have Blue Ridge trail this year, we have been working with Weyhauser and they are really great to deal with , they understand the HUGE economic impact snowmobiling has on our little communities. We did have some re routes and lucky for us Mrs Burns is a very community minded person, we have opened the old Brassua trail  and route 66 at green bridge and marina now goes behind the white church , this is a much safer road crossing . Please stay on marked trails , all land owners watch what we do and can close trails at anytime. Especially sensitive is ridge trail as the paper company has spent a lot of money on these roads, please stay on the trail we have marked and groomed. We have a new trail off Moosehead lake that Tom Purington cut and excavated , John from Birches let us use his excavator for ridge work , Steve Lane from Gray Ghost excavated for two days on new Brassua trail , Carey Ayers has spent numerous hours in his excavator and  asking land owners for permission to use their property for trails. We have a great crew working on groomers this week again , should be ready for grooming after this week . It is great to see all the businesses and people in town working together to create great trails . Please say thank you to these people , and try to use there services when possible. Thanks have a great day !